About Us

The Location was opened in 1930 as a cafeteria called the Colman Lunch.

It remained virtually unchanged, catering to downtown office and retail workers and ferry commuters, who traveled back and fourth between Seattle And the Islands, Vashon, Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula via Bremerton until 1976

At that time it was sold and the new owners converted it into and upscale Cajun restaurant called Crawfish Alley. Rumor has it that a lot of Hollywood types frequented it at that time, including people like John Wayne, and Robert Mitchum. It is said that their signatures were on the entrance hallway wall until some genius decided to paint over them. Crawfish Alley thrived for some time but started to fall out of favor sometime in the late eighties.

In 1991 it was taken over by a spunky Scotswoman named Bonny McGregor and renamed it “The Owl N’ Thistle Pub”. She turned it into a funky artsy folksy pub with acoustic songwriters, poets, and artists frequenting it. It was suitable for the area as it was located one block from historic Pioneer Square, which was the old part of Seattle made up of old brick buildings filled with studios, artists lofts, and the like. The rents and the beer were cheap.

In 1993 my Wife and I  decided to move from Boston, where we have lived for about 25 years, to the Seattle area with the idea of opening a little pub, with the help of an old school pal named Declan Fury, who at that time lived in NY. Born and raised in Seattle my wife felt it would be nice to move back home again. Both Declan and I felt that a change would not do us any harm and since we were both from Ireland, we obviously felt opening and Irish Pub in a city we knew absolutely nothing about would be a great idea. As Irish luck would have it we hooked up with Bonny McGregor who had the cutest little pub for sale.  So, as we say back in the Old Country, the rest is History.